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Sound Quality

I bought this pedal because I needed a boost to get my sound over the mix. I am playing a PRS or a Grosh into a Fuzz Probe>535Q>Blue Collar>Habenaro>EQ>CP101>VooDoo Tremolo>Analogman Chorus>DD5>Matchless Clubman. 2 big problems with this pedal. 1)Where did all my chime go? It seems to kill all of the subtle harmonics that are above 6.5K even when the pedal is off. Made my matchless sound like it was under water. B)Who said this pedal wasn't noisy? Just because it doesn't get above your 40db threshold of your noise suppressor doesn't qualify it for low noise. This pedal is a hunk of crap that would be perfect for the player that doesn't know better. Can I give this pedal a negitive number? It seems to suck so bad that even looking at it gives me the willies.


I am sure that this pedal will last forever. It certanly couldn't sound worse than it does now.

General Comments

Run away!!!!!


what a pile.

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