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Sound Quality

The volume setting sounds good. The WAH setting sounds very fine and "hi-fi", no distortion, no noise. But i got to tune it to sound like i want to. ATTENTION ALL FX17 OWNERS: The pedal has two TRIMMERS (variable resistors, pots) that can adjust the wah squeakiness and the maximum volume (i think), so if you complain about wah sounds with this pedal then GET A SCREWDRIVER and locate the trimmers, they are behind two little holes on the opposite side to the battery. I give it a 8 'cause i wanted Hendrix sounds, and it is not too good in that kind of sounds. But i'ts a good wah.


This pedal is like a ROCK. ATTENTION FX17 OWNERS again: there are NO WAH POTS inside the unit!! So NO SCRATCHY POTS or POT CLEANING: I thought the pedal was electro-optical, but it seems that the steel that rocks with your pedal acts like a variable capacitor. OPEN THE BOX! it's VERY interesting to see inside 'cause you see no damn wah pots! It has two leds inside, a green one and a red one, the green lights as you move the wah. For you people that complain for the bypass switch: open the unit and fix it!! If you pay >$50 for such a small thing, you should work on it! As it has no wah pots, i expect it to last forever.

General Comments

It's a very good volume pedal and a good wah. And it has no wah pots so it's reliable. I give it a 9 because i miss the fatter tones that you can get with a Jimi Hendrix wah pedal. This pedal has more brilliant tones, and that can be good for some songs and bad for others, but if you calibrate it you can get away with some different sounds from it.

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