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PRS Dave Navarro Signature Model Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

this guitar is perfect for modern sounds i don't even have to adjust my amp when switching from my 57 ri goldtop to this guitar , i love that ! the pickups are a little fuzzier than i'm used to but i really like that ! i play gn'r , beautiful creatures (ie: dj ahba's first band check it out !) , buckcherry ,and i love this guitar for sounds like that its the perfect amount of modern meets vintage sounds .the pickups are great almost no noise w/ the gain turned way up on my splawn pro stock ( awesome amp read splawn reviews !) . i love the way the pickups sound w/ this guitar no need for any changes ! i also like that you can get everything from a strat type tone to a gibson lp tone .


this guitar is built perfectly and totally reliable the locking tuners make using the tremelo so nice , not like fenders flimsy lil tremelo to go outta tune every time you bump it . I take care of all my guitars w/ ernie ball wood conditioning wipes and clean them regularly . string changes every few practices ....keeps them sounding and looking great ! i never play w/ out a backup but if this was all i owned it be a no brainer .


General Comments

initially i was turned off by most prs shapes and colors until the navarro came out . I have always been intrigued by this guitar and wondered what it was like . I live in utah and we don't have alot of guitar shops to choose from so i often have to buy guitars on ebay / or online somewhere and just take a chance . I can't tell you how much my opinion about prs has changed , i love them now ! the quality control is so much better than gibson they take great pride in the way they make them and have plenty of integrity to go around . It seems everything about this guitar is perfect except how heavy the case is :)when the guitar first arrived i thought there was a tv in the box it turned out that all the weight is in the case . but , it is a rock solid case and the guitar fits perfectly in there .

what more can i say its just a pleasure to jam with ! I think all day at work how i'd rather be at rehearsals jamming w/ it ! this guitar in no way compares to anything i've had before . It has its own unique voice but can be as pissed as you want it to sound or as angelic as you want it to sound . overall i want to say thanks to the guys at prs for making a believer out of me ! if you are thinking of buying this take the plunge you won't regret it !

Reviewer's Background

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