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Sound Quality

I think people who use MEG pickups should have problems with this pedal because active pickups are different from passives. envelope filters are about picking strenght. it's not the right gear to play with auto wah or envelope filters. actives are cool but it's not suitable for triggered filters like this. now to the point! FX25B is disappointing. all that range and sensitivity and blend control works for a big nothing actually. the foundation is bad, the voicing is bad. it's never going to be funky. the sweep is wrong first of all. when you let a note ring the envelope jumps up and when the sustain starts to fade it suddenly dromps like rock. wow! such a shame! and it's really harsh, not trebly or stinging, just harsh, when you turn range up. volume drops as well. I found it more useful when being placed after a distortion! I know it's not supposed to be there according to "rules". but when I put it after some gain the pedal turned into something new. it sounded like a better defined cut filter with a synth-like quality. but the volume drop just killed everything in here. I'll give it a 2 because I liked the synth like sound it produced. but even that one had a horrible point: VOLUME DROP!!!


well, looks a bit cheap. knobs are ok, battery cover is somewhere you can't stomp on (should not). but the switch is very lousy! it's a stupid piece of plastic. and it's not that smooth sometimes! and if you stomp on it really hard it'll easily break. SO, BE GENTLE (this rule apply to all pedals!). gig without a backup? I'd never gig with it! it's ridiculous to gig with it unless you fix the volume drop problem.

General Comments

I got rid of it! no worth keeping it, because it's useless! it has a harsh sound before overdrive, has a nice sound after over drive with a killer volume drop that would make you look funny on the stage.

it's not true bypass and sucks a bit of your tone.

it's not a nice looking pedal unlike EHX or boss pedals. cheap construction, blah blah blah...

long story short: it's not worth the money, even it's $20!

buy a EH bass balls or Dr.Q. or buy a mini Q tron which is way better. or buy a Q-tron which is just amazing and you'll be delighted to use and never think that you wasted your money. DOD FX25B is a waste!

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