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Sound Quality

My Setup: US Strat (modified & hotrails) > Vox wah > Ernie ball volume > Tubeworks Real Tube > Ibanez TS9 > Korg 411 fx (piece of crap but I like the tremelo so I can't get rid of it) > GE-7 > Alesis Midiverb > Line 6 DL-4 > Marshall JCM 900 50 watt w/1936 cab. I'm using the GE-7 more for the clean channel on the marshall. I like clean rythm to have some bass to it. It's working great. It's also great for jazz style leads on the neck pickup with slight overdrive. NO HISS, NO NOISE. My favorite guitarist is David Gilmour so it's no suprise that I bought this because I knew he had more than one. I'd almost like to have a 1 or 2 more just to get different tones.


I bought it used and it works perfect. BOSS's reputation is the best so I'm not worried at all.

General Comments

I just think it's worth every penny. I'd buy another.

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