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Sound Quality

I've used this unit fairly extensively for recording and it and for the money it produces great results. I record at home, so I am not using this unit in professional studios, but I wouldn't doubt that these units are used in some. The unit is a mono unit and does not produce a stero signal, but it records bass guitar which is a mono source so don't worry about that. The overdrives/distortions and choruses are pretty good, I prefer the Bass Overdrive to the other distortions. I find that effects that require tracking on this unit leave more to be desired, as they don't track as well as other pedal effects that I've tried. You can still interface your pedal effects with this unit though, so if you prefer a stand-alone pedal that you have it's not out of the question to just use it. Another very useful feature is the SPDIF and USB interfaces, because you can go into the unit analog and digitally record in to the PC and then using the SPDIF come back out of the PC digitally with a DI signal and "reamp" in the digital domain without signal loss. Very nice! You can save decisions for mix time, or record tracks with a completely different sound very easily which makes the unit worth its weight in gold to me.


I've been using Line 6 since the first Bass Pod the week it came out, and I've never had any problems with reliability (knock on wood.)

General Comments

I play mostly rock music and this unit has worked out fine for that. I can hear sounds in it that would fill any genre and the unit is very flexible. It greatly facilitates my ability to get the sounds that I want in my budget, even if it's not perfect at the time that I'm recording I can "reamp" later and get something more appropriate to the final picture of the project. I wish that Line 6 would expand the number of models available and offer model packs the way that they do for the Guitar Pod, I wish they were more open to customer suggestions, and I wish that they would be better about giving a "road map for the future" with where they plan on taking their product lines. They are very tight-lipped about what is in development and while I understand that's best for competition, I'd like to know if certain products (such as a Bass Amp Head) are even being thought of at this time.

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