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Sound Quality

I've used this amp with a SWR Henry 8x8 cabinet, several David Eden cabinets (410XLT, 210T, 115XLT) and a few basses (Lakland 4-94, Wal 4-string, Tobias Classic 5.) I play mostly rock/heavy rock with this amp. It's not noisy and since it's solid state it's very consistent with how it sounds. The amp does a decent job of overdrive considering that there are no tubes, but an outboard pedal would do better for distortion (something like a Fulltone Bassdrive would do the trick.) The real downfall of this amp (to me) is the excessive amount of low mids that seem to be present, especially around 300-500hz. It seems a bit middy and boomy and it's hard to tame, especially if your guitar player is already monopolizing the low mids. VERY IMPORATANT NOTE: if you have an Ampeg B2R, THIS AMP WILL NOT SOUND LIKE A B2R ONLY LOUDER. This is why I bought the amp and it disappointed me in that catagory... I spent a whole practice working with the band to get the best sound I could with this amp, and as a final "test" i busted out my B2R at the end of practice... we all agreed hands down that the B2R beat the snot out of the B4R. Go figure.


The Mute switch on the front panel doesn't work, but the footswitch will mute the amp. I find the fan inside the amp to be a bit loud, also. That said, the amp still works.

General Comments

I've been playing for about 14 years. I've owned Ampeg, SWR, Eden, and GK. If this amp were to be lost or stolen, I'd replace it with something else. It's a nice amp, but the Ampeg B2R I've had for years puts it to shame even though it's got less features and a very similar preamp (and costs a lot less.) Again, let me reiterate this for anyone who likes their B2R and thinks the B4R is a higher wattage version: Ampeg stated to me that the B4R was designed by completely different engineers and is not intended to sound the same. The B4R has substantially more "ugly" low mids than the B2R.

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