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Sound Quality

I use it trough the effect loop of my marshall valvestate 100h. My guitar is a '84 gibson flying v with only one pickup (emg81). I play deicide-like death metal and the distortions suck biiig time but I don't really care 'caus my marshall does a great job. I don't spend much time fooling around with the effects but I can tell this box can do everyting (except cooking) if you spend a lot of time on it.I just download patches and keep the best ones.


It once fell off the stage into the mosh pit and it's still working perfectly.

General Comments

I play in a very violent deathmetal band, and it is great gear if you know ow to operate it. The best thing about it is that it makes me sound different, I don't need a tube amp and ten racks to get what I want. I found one preset wich is just insane, something cannibalcorpse-like but ballsier. First thing I do during sound check is just bang one E5 chord and everybody looks at me saying "wow". The only thing I regret is that I am not able to use all its features, just my main sound and a few intro sick sounds. Before I got it I just had a few stomp boxes, they were much easier to use but it was their only advantage. If it was stollen I would get an rp-12 because some patches I download work only with the rp-12 an they get my rp-10 all messed up.

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