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sparx marsden

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I am using a '05 Gibson Classic with a Dimarzio PAF in the bridge and a Gibson 490R in the rythme position. I play a wide variety of music. I've been playing a long time and when you've played as long as I have one or three styles isn't enough. The clean sounds are very,very pleasing. Actually, every tone this amp produces (astonishingly varied) is good. the amp can nail Nickleback, and that's about as heavy as I need anyhow. This is a great amp.


I've only had mine for a little over 6 months, but from the looks of it, you could throw it down a set of stairs, and I'm pretty sure she'd crank right up for you. This is not a toy. It's built for the road. Look at the back. Made for the stage. My amp hasn't given me the slightest bit of problems. Mind you, it's only seen the stage twice, but I would'nt be worried to use it without a back-up. Not at all.

General Comments

I have been playing for 35 years. I'm 39. I guess you could say I was interested at a very early age. I have played professionally (making money doing what I love),but more importantly, I spent most of my life searching for THAT sound, and I have found it over and over in this amp. It truly is a very versatile machine. It's a joy to play.As i said before, it's amazing how convincing it is. You really can get that old delta blues tube amp thing happening.It takes me back,man. Or when I feel like it, crank it on numetal,pin the gain and volume, and there you go. SCREEEAAAMMMM. We are a beast.

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