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sparx marsden

Gibson Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play a wide variety of styles, from country, classical to nu-metal and all in between. This guitar can do it all. Before I purchased this guitar, I read the reviews here and there were enough good reviews for me to risk it. I'm SOOO glad I bought this guitar. I don't know what kind of guitar or amp those other guys have, but I'm playing my classic thru a Vox valvetronix, and I am TOTALLY satisfied with the sound. I've read alot about how hot they are...well, I don't know what these guys are looking for, but I find that it only makes the guitar even MORE versatile. I am able to make this guitar sound crystal clean to brutal distortion and all in between. How could you not want that as a guitarist?


I did change the strap buttons to strap locks, of course. It weighs a ton, and seems like it will take a beating and still rock.

General Comments

I have been playing for 28 years. I have owned all of the name brand guitars including 2 les pauls ( custom,special).This guitar is very special to me. I have been searching for THAT guitar, and I think I've finally found it. It is a re-issue guitar, and it's look and feel does take you back to a time when guitars were built with pride.

This is a high quality guitar. I don't believe it gets any better, so if you can, get one.Get one while you can, and cherish it.

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