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Boss ME-6 Guitar Multi-Effects

Sound Quality

Have a Fender Fat Tele with a Seymour Duncan Little 59 bridge pickup and a Tex Mex on neck pickup. With my Fender Rock Pro 1000 amp this unit sounds very good. But I can confirm that you need good gear for this if you want to get a decent sound. I had another guitar and amp. and the result was very depressing. But with good gear this unit can give a surprising sound! The distortions are not the best, very noisy and kind of thin. Although it's great for artistic sounds, I made one that's a beautifull synth. I prefer my amp's distortion for most of the songs. What I do is have a clean sound set on a bank so I can mix it with my amps distortion, that way I don't need to use the bypass and still use my clean sounds of the ME-6. The dealy is excellent! the chorus is very good and also the flanger but this one needs to be set up very carefully. The bad thing of this unit is the noise suppresion which cuts too much your distorted sound if set after 5 or so. The mid range of the eq is kind of treaky.


You can depend on it. I have this unit for about 9 years and is a tank!!! just needed a clean up inside once to get the buttons dust free. I've played live but woudn't record with it.

General Comments

I play rock and some blues. Wouldnt recommend this unit for blues. But for rock is great, very versatil.

If it were stolen or lost I preffer to get something new, there is a lot to choose from on the market.

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