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Rovere Rovere Orchestra Model

Sound Quality

Only because 9 is too close to perfect. Very nicely balanced. Good projection and sustain for a smaller guitar with a 3-3/4" lower bout depth. The guitar is loud and when played as I do with fingernails and thumb pick it won't get lost in a mix. The overall tone, subjective as that is, edges on the bright side and to be expected from a guitar of this size, depth and wood combination. That said, I can easily control this guitar's tonal ambience (timber) with technique and select string makes/gauges.


No opinion. Just got the thing about a week ago.


General Comments

Dylan Rovere put together a very nice guitar. This guitar is a custom-built guitar to my specifications and he produced it that way. The construction and finish is with the best I've seen. This is my first commissioned guitar from a private luthier. Dylan delivered to my expectations and that has encouraged me to pursue other custom commissions. Thank you Dylan. For the curious, Dylan can be reached through his site at rovereguitars.com.

Reviewer's Background

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