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Hagstrom Deluxe F Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

The stock factory pickups sound great. This is the first mid priced guitar I¿¿¿ve purchased and haven¿¿¿t felt the need to change the pups out. Although humbuckers, they have a lot of clarity and sparkle. They split into a very usable single coil sound (almost) with no hum at all. The only issue I can really complain about would be the tone and volume pots. They¿¿¿re not noisy or anything but do work more like an Off-On switch than a variable control. Zero to four is about the same and then they suddenly jump to in output to maybe eight or ten. I guess this could be remedied by a couple of high quality CTS pots. I¿¿¿ll probably get around to it but the situation isn¿¿¿t so bad that I¿¿¿m in a hurry to do it. It¿¿¿ll be very inexpensive fix anyway since a separate mini switch controls the coil split. It has a fat, full sound with the HBs that takes you far into LP territory but with much more clarity than you would expect. That makes the guitar very versatile. It¿¿¿s responsive and notes just jump off the fretboard. I had never played a guitar at this price point that sounded so good 100% stock. Played through either a tube or s.s. amp, it's a sweet sounding instrument.


This Hag will stand up to any playing situation I can think of... with maybe the exception of the neck- strap twirls little kids seem fond of posting on You Tube! The finish seems especially tough.

General Comments

As you can probably tell, I¿¿¿m very impressed with this guitar. I¿¿¿ve had it a couple of months now and waited for a while to write a review, just to make sure I had gotten over the initial honeymoon phase.


I¿¿¿ve been playing for about five years and have owned quite a few guitars in that time. Although I don¿¿¿t consider myself a guitar ¿¿¿expert¿¿¿ by any means, I have come along enough to know a good instrument when I get my hands on it. My only regret is not having purchased the original hardcase. I¿¿¿ve talked to a few other Hagstrom owners and they seem to be very satisfied with their guitars as well.


I¿¿¿m so impressed with Hagstrom¿¿¿s quality that I¿¿¿ve decided to buy another and have ordered one of their hollowbodies. If the quality of my Deluxe F is indicative of their entire lineup, I¿¿¿m sure it¿¿¿ll be a killer guitar too.



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