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Sound Quality

I am using a Ibanez rg570. I've had a H6K Combo before and I liked it very much. The Tubeman is much better. The clean channel is absolutely bright and sparkling. Simply fantastic. I would advise you to have a compressor unit nearby for that channel, because the dynamic range is stunning. The crunch I seldom use, but I wouldn't use it on any aother amp either. It might be useful if you need a less dirty sound on stage. Btw: there are absolutely no "clicking" noises when switching the channels. The lead channel is great. It has a separate gain, voicing and volume knob. The voicing really does what it should: turn the sound from a more "heavy metal" to a "hendrix" sound or whatever. It really changes a lot. Gain of course controls your basic distortion level The unit itself produces very little noise. No noise is impossible when youa are using a tube (no matter what some people might tell you). It is perfect for direct recording. It also works directly into the pa on stage, you can get your feedback just as well if you like. The variety of sounds is much greater than I exspected. Just try the three different channel setups recommend in the small manual and you will be surprised how responsive the Tubeman reacts towards equalizer changes.


Mechanically it is almost impossible to destroy. Take a look inside an you will find a very robust and made with care and thought.

General Comments

The only thing I would change it for would be a H&K Zentera. But that one is simply too expensive and even if I had it, I at least would use the fantastic clean channel of the Tubeman. I couldn't work and live without. It may not have some effect like a Pod, but the sound is simply one class up. I prefer to use a decent effects processor in combination with the Tubeman.

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