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Sound Quality

There is an extreme amount of sounds you can get from this. I am not a guitar but a keyboard player. I have a Roland XP-30 into a crappy bass Crate amp. The XP lacks a good leslie (rotary speaker) sound and me being a jazz/funk player needs one. With res and Manual at 0, and depth at 4, you can use rate to control a passible rotary/chorus sound. Rate at 5:30 is a nice fast leslie and moving it to around 3 or 4 gets a slow leslie or flange. With res up you can get wacky sounds with oscillators like a moog. Awesome quirk: When turning manual and playing at the same time, the pitch is detuned for a second!


Had it for afew weeks and its fine.

General Comments

I like to use it to boost solos with flange and leave it running with leslie. Can do a good John Scofield Chorus. For keyboarding, stomp boxes are hard because you need to have them where your hands are for adjustments. Its a little hard to press but when tou open the top its much easier :)

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