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Sound Quality

I currently run this after HM-3 Boss Hyper metal (soon to be replaced with Tech21 CompTortion or XXL box) and it smoothes out the sound nicely. I use an upside down U shape, to emphasize mids to cut through the band. It was an advice of the salesman in the store (Sodja Music). Works great for me. No noise noticed. It can help you filter out noise, it doesn't generate noise.


Oh, I'm tired of saying "it's a Boss". You know...

General Comments

I play rock. This pedal SHOULD be used with most distorrions. You can also add more gain with it (the Level control). EQ takes a lot of experimentation, and should be adjusted according to the room, but that's what's great: you can go anywhere if you have this. As always despite being great yet another Boss pedal gets a 9, cause it's expensive. It's a great pedal but they sell them for &70-80 and that's hardly a "Fantastic Value". If you buy a pedal board full of them, like I did, prepare to lose $500+! It really adds up!

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