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John E

Fender Cyber-Deluxe 112 Combo

Sound Quality

Sounds and behaves like a tube amp. I just put an Eminence Wizard in it and it sounds as good as any boutique amp I have heard. The Wizard is one of the most efficient speakers made so it really improves the tone of the amp at lower volumes. Pedals work great.


No tubes to go bad. I have gigged /jammed extensively with this amp and had no problems.


General Comments

I have 3 custom built, point to point wired, amps, a '66 Super Reverb, and point to point 5F6A Bassman Clone. All sound very good. I enjoy these amps and have gigged with them numerous times, but the Cyber Deluxe is my workhorse. It is maintenance free, can be moved around with out fear of jarring a tube loose. People compliment its "tube tone" wherever it goes. It sounds just as good at lower volumes as it does cranked. You can't do that with your 50W tube amp! For I gigs I mike it with the volume on 2 and use a typical pedal board set-up. If I could only have one amp, it would be the Cyber Deluxe. What else do you need to know?

Reviewer's Background

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