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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

I play a Fender classic 60 strat with maple neck thru a Crybaby wah (a real one!! not that dunlop crap!)-- boss turbo overdrive (turbo off)-- Fuzz face (not a Dunlop)-- and into the amp and it's a sweet thing just clean but hey i like my pedals! Noise? nope! quiet as mouse... unless I pick a note then it sings that sweet songs those more expensive ones has sung for years! (in boysrooms and small clubs) .. Soundwise it does everything I want it to do. But if youre a metallmaniac or in to overly distorted stuff that just ruins the feeling (no offense!) you have another thing going on the name is DeltaBlues and that´s what it does.


Obviosly I cant drop it from my window on the second floor, but i guess it can withstand some punishment, carefull with the tubes though theyre hanging out with no safety what so ever, but if you stick your fingers there youre stupid! beacause they get HOT!!

General Comments

I love it! and it was cheap to!! until you Americans got richer! Now theyre not that cheap about 800$ that sucks! but i got mine right before the dollar went up.

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