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Squier Standard Stratocaster Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

well.. i think strats in particular suit any music style because they're so versatile.. no wonder they've held up 50 years. i play whatever comes up, as long as i can, but never straying too far from standard rock. i'm using it with a boss blues driver, a zoom box, a practice amp and a couple of homemade fuzzboxes [not all at once, of course]. sometimes i also borrow this or that pedal.. oh, and a wah. of the 5 positions, only 2 are hum-free.. the bridge [hb] and the neck and middle combination. lately i gave up on the others cause hum is drives me nuts. not that it's particularly strong or that i play with ridiculous amounts of gain, but i just can't stand it. the sounds are really full.. the bridge pu has a mushy [as opposed to jangly] sound to it because of being a hb.. but i'm fine with it. it sounds much better for crunchy rhythm that my friend's all-sc strat, which has a somewhat disgusting clangy sound to it. otoh, single coils have this [particularly noticeable in leads] squeaky quality to the pick attack which i really like and it's not here. the in-between positions are really jangly and nice. the middle pu i don't use much on its own, i think it sounds pretty plain.. the neck pickup is nice though.. i often find myself rolling a bit of the tone off so that it sounds somewhat smoother, not so clangy.. on the whole, the guitar is on the brighter side.. it'd be even more if it was an all-sc strat. the sounds are really varied, but i won't rate it a 10 cause i know there are much better guitars out there..


well.. the finish has some pick scrapes, but nothing bad.. the hardware doesn't seem particularly strong.. in particular the tuners look some- what flimsy.. about the finish.. i thought about taking it off altogether, but i don't know what's it like under it and i don't wanna end up with a crappy looking guitar.. besides, it has withstood well, it'd be dumb to do so. the strap buttons must be amongst the worst things of this guitar.. both of them came off several times and i had to remount them.. they've settled down right now though. overall, i guess i can depend on this guitar, and other that perhaps a broken string it'd withstand a gig perfectly well.

General Comments

let's see.. if i'm not mistaken, i must have been playing for about 5 years now.. when i got this guitar, i actually was looking for a stan- dard strat [black body, white pickguard] but they didn't have it in stock [this one has no pickguard btw.. rather ugly]. as i already men- tioned, i love the neck. i also love the fact that next time i buy a guitar i'll already know what to look for.. as for other guitars, i've played several, mainly friends'.. but then i'm no connoisseur, so .. but i sure love that neck this guitar is perfect as it is.. it definately has its own niche and has come to the perfect place in the perfect time.. if it got lost or stolen i'd get another strat.. just because they're great guitars on the whole.. but i'd also like to get a les paul-type guitar ..

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