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Sound Quality

Marshall JCM 900 combo's in stereo, sounds great, noise is not a problem the onboard noise gate works fine. the effects sound great , especially used in the amps effect loop configuration. I actually use a boss inteligent harmonizer and a steve vai bad horsie wah wah before the unit , i can mange to do most type of current sounds.


Yes , Yes , Yes since purchase in 1993 in Jeddah Saudi arabia , it keeps on rocking , never a day with a single moment of trouble, how much longer can it go on for, i don't even have a backup for all my personal preset programs ??

General Comments

Rock , blues , pop, irish traditional. If lost , i would go for a similar 2003 model, I still love the compact shape and profile , its neat and easy to see on stage. I was a great Boss fan for many years before, I wished it had a pitch shifter , but i sorted that outmy self, by adding the Boss Harmonizer and Bad horsie !!!

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