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Sound Quality

For my tastes, the Dynatouch and Modern Models are too noisy and over the top to be of much use in a practical sense. If this is the sound you want, there is something better for you out there. The British tones are OK but they don't stand out enough to make it a sales feature for this amp. Now to the good stuff: The Tweed/Bassman & Blackface Channels are the real deal. Each have a distinctive personality that mimics their namesakes perfectly. In practice, you really get the best of those classic sounds consistently from this amp. The clean is crystal clear and the distorted modes ramp up through full range. I use the tweed clean to get perfect jazz tones and to exactly reproduce the sound of my electric acoustic. The tweed clean is very nice for blues. In the distorted modes, it is very hard to choose between the tweed and blackface modes for the best blues lead and hard rock crunch. They are distinctively different but both sound very, very, nice. I play mainly a '59 RI Les Paul w/burstbuckers and a custom strat with Seymour Duncan Vintage pickups in the neck and mid position and a Dimarzio FS-1 (Fat Strat) in the bridge. I can't recommend this combination (guitars/pickups/amp)enough. You get the same pick sensitivity, ringing harmonics and natural sustain that you get with a tube amp. I played the same Twin Reverb for 15 years and loved it. I enjoy this amp even more. I usually play the CD expanded through the clean channel of an exceptional tube amp that was custom built by John Nau. The tube amp is very special in its own right, but the collaboration between it and the Cyber Deluxe is truly inspiring.


I have played it extensively and moved it around a bunch over the last several months with no problem. A solid state amp is generally less susceptible to problems from being jostled.


General Comments

I waited to get some time in with amp and to be able test it out in a variety situations before writing this review. Over that time, it has become clear to me that this basically the swiss army knife of amps and just about anybody can get good use out of it. When you add this to a reasonable price, it very hard not to recommend it. For 95% of guitarists this could be the one amp that you need. Those pros playing large venues will need something more, but that something will be much more limited in use. In closing, do not shy away from this amp because it is not a tube amp, it sounds better than most tube amps.

Reviewer's Background

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