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Sound Quality

my setup consists of a strat, a zoom box and a boss overdrive. the unit can get noisy (hissy) if you boost the highs before a fuzzbox, but that's to be expected. what bothers me is that i can't seem to get the effects to sound as extreme as i'd like them to. i thought i'd be able to get wacky filtered-out distortion tones and "cleaner-than-clean" sounds out of the unit but i just can't .. my amp is a piece of sh** but i don't think that has anything to do.


the box itself is made of sturdy metal, with some flimsy plastic parts which, unfortunately, include the sliders .. this is a box to be careful around.

General Comments

i play mainly rock music, a little twisted maybe. it must be like 9 years now .. i don't think i'd get another eq box ever again. i hope some magic day this unit proves me wrong; for now each time i see it i feel the smell of burnt money. i shouldn't complain anyway since i bought it pretty much out of thin air. on a side note, i've noticed that dod boxes seem to have some kind of compression to their sound when bypassed. it does sound good for some things, tho.

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