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Sound Quality

i'm using it with a pretty standard setup (ie. strat into fuzzbox into processor into amp). the pedal is pretty hissy if you turn up the tone ("saw") knob all the way up, but i never do anyway since you shouldn't really need to go over 12 o'clock. the effect is _very_ noticeable. with the mix ("heavy") knob above 12 o'clock, all you get is noise, really. down from there you start getting some usable octave tones.


it seems pretty sturdy, except for the flimsy plastic battery cover..

General Comments

i play heavy-ish rock. the distortion itself is pretty normal, except for the unusable range of the gain ("buzz") knob. all the way down it sounds like, say, a maxed-out ibanez classic metal. up from there, it really doesn't make a difference. the octave is useful, yet it's not an everyday effect. i'd never buy this pedal again. i didn't compare it to anything... i just wanted to add something new to my rig since i was getting kinda bored.

don't waste your time with this pedal. it isn't worth it.

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