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Sound Quality

Distortions are really dull. the compressor is really poor. It's controlled by 2 setting, no more. The cab simulation has got quite old compared to all the gears that hit the market lately. It doesn't sound half as good as what you can get in more recent gears. The good part is the digital part. Most of the FX are rather good, except the wah which is average but you can get funny things with it. the possibilities of tweaking are rather interesting, and if you're looking for some chemical sounds from outer space, well, you should find something here. Delays, Quad Chorus, Pitch shifters, Whammy effects... There are a lot and all are rather fun to use. But if you're looking for a killer tone, a real enhancement of the subtle sound of your favorite guitar, try something else. The thing does change the sound into something very cold, very thin, whatever settings you have. The overdrive and distortion are transistor like, they don't smoothly warm the sound, they just kinda clip, or sound badly fuzzy. Again, I'm not saying you can't get anything from this unit. You can get real cool and fun chemical effects. But nothing really powerful or warm or authentic.


I had the unit for 6 years. I had it with me for a bunch of gigs. It always worked fine. One of the switches got loose, but it's been fixed easily and I never got any more problem with it... But I haven't used it for two years...

General Comments

I used to play funk/blues/rock tune with it. And apart from few funny effects I've programmed with it, I couldn't get a good tone with it.


The unit is now useless to me, cause I can't use it as a plain FX unit with my new gears. It's not clean enough, not at all transparent. I guess the problem comes from the "Analog" section of the unit which can't be bypass and that's a shame.

All in all, it's an old unit. The FX by themselves hadn't got that old, they're good, the flexibility of the switch configuration is cool, but the overall sound of the unit is weak.

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