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Fender Strat Pak with Frontman 15G Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play rock, blues, funk, and fusion. I am primarily a bass player, but I like to make up lead lines to go with my bass lines. I have been playing off and on for 19 years and I have owned many guitars, including other Squier Stratocasters. Unfortunately, I must say that this is the worst sounding guitar I have ever owned. It sounds screechy and tinny through the amp it came with. It sounds screechy and tinny through a Fender Twin! The neck pickup sounds muddy at best, the middle pickup sounds like a tin can telephone, and the bridge pickup squeals with microphone feedback. It has no sustain, the selector switch is noisy, the jack has been replaced already, and it does not like to stay in tune. This is the first Strat that I have not enjoyed using my Crybaby with as the pickups aren't strong enough to make it cry properly and generally produce a lot of noise.


There is no way in hell I would play this guitar live, especially without a back up. No, wait, I would play it live if I could set it on fire and smash it to bits. I had a mid 80's Japanese Squier Stratocaster (serial # E721921) that was every bit an American Fender Stratocaster's equal. I had a Squier Fat Strat from the late 80's as well. Those guitars were well made, versatile, and worry free. I have an early 80's Squier Jazz Bass that I had de-fretted ten years ago that sounds just like a fretless Fender Jazz Bass. So how did they get it so wrong this time?


General Comments

I bought this guitar after a year of not playing, and I thought the Squier sound was a sure thing because of the quality axes I bought from them in the past. The problem is that they make these things everywhere :India, Mexico, Japan, China, etc. and the quality standards seem to be all over the map. I will keep it, because I can get better parts for it and ultimately make it a kick ass guitar, but they used to come that way out of the box. If it were stolen, I would replace it with an Epiphone Les Paul.

Reviewer's Background

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