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Sound Quality

I play a 1998 Gibson Les Paul Custom Black Beauty with a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone and a Crate GFX-212 amp with 2 12" Celestion speakers. Using the EQ alone with totally refine your clean sound by boosting it in general and making it sound more full. When used with the Boss MT-2 this thing is amazing. The combo of the two is possibly the best pedal distortion I've ever heard. There simply is no match. Anyone on a budget who plays punk/metal needs to get the MT-2 and the GE-7. Boss should have packaged them together because it is a match made in heaven.


Dropped all over the place, slider cover fell off. Works like a charm. Boss makes the sturdiest stompboxes ever. Use without a backup all the time. I don't have any more $$ left to buy 2 of each pedal after I spent all that money on my LP Custom.

General Comments

The GE-7 + MT-2 = An amazing combo! If you own one pick up the other because you will not be dissappointed!

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