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Sound Quality

Well, the manual says this thing was inpired by the Melvins' King Buzzo, so, needless to say it's designed you give you a heavy ass distortion. I can use this for KoRn/Limp Bizkit sounding stuff, but this pedal is not limited to just that as past reviews may lead you to believe. This really kicks the shit out of my DOD Grind Distortion pedal which I'm in the process of selling...


As long as you don't weigh 300 some pounds and try to pull off a hard ass jumping stomp to hit the footswitch you'll be all right.

General Comments

This is a cool pedal in my opinion but I think that if you pay anymore than $60 for this, you're a dumbass. People try to sell these used as "collector's items" for $90, $100 (I got mine brand new for $47); that's bull{censored}. If you pay that much for any DOD pedal you must of road the short bus to school when you were a kid.

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