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Bad Reason

Electro-Harmonix Classics USA Big Muff PI Distortion / Sustainer Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

My main guitars are 68' & 55' Fender Strats and Gibson Les Paul Studio... but it sounds great all the others! My rig: Ibanez Wh-10 Wah; Boss DS-2; EHX BIG MUFF; MXR 90 Mod Phaser; Electric Mistress; Danelectro Talk Back (reverse delay); Boss Analog Delay.


built like a tank, I have had mine for 7 years used it on the road everynight and it is still rocking!!

General Comments

If you're a beginner or middle of the road level guitar player and/or looking to replicate your heroes sound and/or looking for a good overall overdrive/distortion pedal, this pedal is NOT for you!!! This is a pedal with too much personality for someone still searching to find their own sound!! DO your research and take your time and don't spend money on pedals because Frusciante, Hendrix and Billy Corgan have them, trust me, you will never sound like them!! But when you find that you're specifically looking for a Fuzz Pedal, (not a general distortion or a flanger or a phaser... A FUZZ) for your own sound, specially to play solos and single note type of stuff, the Big Muff is the KING of the Jungle!! From the moment you open that wooden box you're graduating from a guitar player to a rockstar!! This thing has the greatest tone ever, not only fuzzy but THICK and organic, every note means something!!! The sustain is incredible and as a "Fuzz Pedal" it's versatility is unbelievable...

I really hope that this review is helpfull to you, I'm being as honest as i can be but the bottom line is that it is all a matter of opinion...

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