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Sound Quality

I'm using the Washburn Paul Stanley Signature Guitar and a pretty old 60W 2-channel guitar amp. Some of the factory settings are pretty noisy (especially Corn & Dyme), but I used the Noise Supressor function when making my own patches and the result is pretty cool. The distortions are surprisingly good, maybe except Tube Overdrive (sounds a bit fake to me...it's only my opinion though). All the other effects (flanger, chorus, echo, reverb, phaser, octaver, wah etc.) are pretty cool, too. I can get all the sounds I want (I play 80's rock and heavy metal - bands like Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Megadeth, Joe Satriani etc.).


I haven't used it live yet, but I've got a couple of gigs coming up with my highschool band and yes, I would use it without a backup. It's made of metal and I like it. I hope that the expression pedal wount let be down.

General Comments

I play mostly rock and heavy metal, sometimes even blues and this unit is a pretty good match. I've been playing for like 2 years and the main thing I need is a good distortion sound. Don't go buying ZOOM effects, 'cause these Multi-FX units really suck. I would never buy an effects box made of plastic.

So, if you don't have much money and you want a good Multi-effects unit, get Korg AX1000G.

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