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Leon Pennings

Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

On the high gain settings it is very noisy if you approach the unit with your guitar. But hey, when your playing live, who will be facing the amp instead of the crowd. Besides, it's nothing a noise gate can't fix. There are no effects on the unit, which is normal for Marshall I guess If you ever heard the distortion on this unit, you'll never want something else. I've had the chance to compare it with a ADA mp-1, Rocktron pro-gap, voodu valve, piranha and chameleon, Sansamp psa-1, Digitech gsp-2101, and more, which led me to the conclusion, that if I had to buy a pre-amp again I certainly would buy the JMP-1 again.


Had it for about two years, and used it in al the gigs played from then on. Never had a problem of whatsoever.

General Comments


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