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I'm extremely happy with this keyboard. As mentioned before, it's the only controller I've ever owned where the additional controllers weren't more trouble then they're worth. I use them everyday, all the time. And they've vastly improved my workflow.


I would recommend it to anyone that understands how MIDI assign-ability works. I've read so many reactions online, where people trash the MPK series because they simply don't know how to configure it. If you don't know how to set up MMC, you wont be able to work the Transport Controls. If you don't understand the concept of Midi Clock, then you wont be able to set up the note repeat. If you don't know how to set up Midi assignments, then the sliders wont do anything. If you DO understand this stuff, then this keyboard will kick much ass.


I love the feeling of the keyboard. The pads aren't totally awesome, but they're definitely good. I'd certainly buy another one if it died.


As mentioned before... if these faders were motorized...this thing would kick soo much ass.

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