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Sound Quality

I play a Gibson Les Paul Custom and a Fender Jag through a 70's Fender twin reverb and a whole slew of effects. This thing sounds awesome. It's not noisy and I LOVE the tone range it has, it kicks Morley and Dunlap's ass. I run it after my BOSS DS-1 and I get a really cool Swervedrivery wash-wah sound.


All I can say is this, I have had the damn thing 10 years, its been through 5 bands, 100's of gigs and I haven't had a problem with it. The only bad thing I can say about it is that when it gets really hot in your practice space, the glue that holds the little rubber grippy thing on the pedal melts and it slides off. DUCT TAPE!

General Comments

The sounds I get out of this pedal are so versatile. When I first got it I was really into playing funk and I got really great wah's out of it. My style has gradually changed to a dream-pop, shoegazing style and I still get really cool wah sounds from it, plus the volume pedal lets you do cool volume swell effects. I have compared it to the Morley Wah (i thought the tone range sucked) and the Dunlap Wah which I thought was way too noisy. Plus, our other guitar player went through 2 Dunlaps in 2 years. If it were stolen, I would be devastated because I don't think they make them anymore and I haven't seen too many used.

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