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epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

Tried it out in a sound room at GC, it was amazing playing through a Gretsch 5120. I basically listened to it feedback for 20 minutes and it's sounded beautiful! This other guy had his heart set on a Vox Heritage AC-15 and he bought the Epiphone too. I took it home and played it through my Epiphone Les Paul Junior 57 reissue. It still sounded great. This is it for me.


Seems really solid. Just got it so I can't comment.

General Comments

For under $300 this is the best tube amp I've owned and I've played just about everything. I can't wait to play it out, it's a very loud 5 watts. I read all about the mods but to be honest I'm leaving it alone. I'm actually getting rid of my Delta Blues. I'll never buy a big amp again. If anything I'd get another one of these and run them in stereo.

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