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Sound Quality

Well, i play rock and little bluesy stuff... umm, this guitar is pretty amazing for rock. and if you like a fat sounding blues tone, this guitar's got it covered. I I really can't get over the sound. and i say this because the damn thing was 200 bucks... if i bought a 1000 dollar guitar and had this sound i'd prolly be upset, lol. but amazing for it's price so i give it an 8


all i have to say is that i have dropped this damn guitar sooo many times over my 5 years of axe playing and it hasn't changed anything on this guitar. without a doubt the most durable guitar i know of. i have chips, dents, scratches and i knock the damn thing around all the time... this axe is one fine built machine... and i really can't get over the quality price combination... amazing price

General Comments

I don't own anything else, but i'm getting a schecter c-1 classic... you want value? haha, that's a great guitar. if it were stolen i wouldn't replace it only becuas eit's a beginners guitar.


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