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Sound Quality

I am running this with my Les paul custom behind a boss phaser and a distortion. MOst of the effects sounds really good except for the wah and the univibe. its even got a ring mod on it which was fun to use.


I would gig on it without a backup, it is housed in metal everywhere. I did break my korg power supply, never knew how it happened. I thought something was wrong with the board but it was just the power supply so i brought to my neighborhood friendly guitar center and bought a new one.

General Comments

I think it is really great for people just starting to use effects, or for practice. I wouldnt recomend it for pros or advanced players though. Its got a sample aplay fuction where i can record a phrase and play it back repetetively, amazingly fun to improv with. BUt for people who want to get into effects i suggest you take your time and start collectiong single effect units, because i regret not doing that sometimes.

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