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Sound Quality

I use this processor mainly with a Epiphone Birdseye LP, a Dillion Gold Top and an ASC Tele copy pushed through a Crate amp. Great sound when ran through the amp. But the little on-board speaker isn't bad either, and it comes in VERY handy for practice when I'm on the road.<p>Distortions are really good for a unit in this price range, and most of the other effects (chorus, flange, comp, etc.)are decent with the exception of the wah options (hey, who doesn't want the pedal, huh?). Limited amp modeling effects are available, and while they aren't Line 6, they do the job.


I wouldn't gig with this, as it's made out of thin plastic. The footpedal cord is about the diameter of a walkman headphone cord, and this wouldn't hold up under the lights any better, IMHO.<p>With that being said, this is an excellent unit for practice or for goofing around with friends. I haven't recorded yet so I don't know how it would sound on tape.

General Comments

I've been playing for over a year and did quite a bit of research into processors before landing this one from eBay. I play mostly classic rock with some blues thrown in, and this unit can pretty much do whatever I need it to dish out. The only thing I wish it had was a wah pedal.<p>The 7010 is great by itself, but having the footswitch makes a tremendous difference (DUH). I considered buying the POD or a Behringer V-AMP but decided to go with this unit based on reviews here at Harmony plus the built-in speaker made it a perfect practice unit. <P>Bottom Line: Great unit for beginners/intermediate-level players. Pick one up if you see it on eBay or wherever.

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