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Sound Quality

The controls all do what they are supposed to, except for a few issues. OK...... I'm not sure if there are bad batches of this unit or not. But this pedal lowers the fidelity of my guitar sound. Now, if ALL of the sliders are set to zero, there will be virtually no difference between on/bypassed signals. However, there IS a detrimental quality difference between having/not having this unit in your chain. More importantly, if you move ANY of the sliders UP or DOWN, you will notice(unless you have a hearing problem) a slight non-musical distortion of your signal(due to interfering noise) and a faint hiss. You may not be able to detect it if you play with lots of drive already (and even then, it messes with my drive sounds). NO EQ UNIT SHOULD DISTORT YOUR SIGNAL LIKE THIS. Especially when cutting frequencies Other than that, it works just fine.


All these guys who say BOSS pedals are indestructible, must be repeating what the commissioned music store salesman said I have had brand-new BOSS pedals cut-out/fail due to switches, 1/4" jacks, grounding issues, and loose AC jacks (during shows no less). When they work(which is most of the time) they are okay. Sure, the metal housing will last forever, but that doesn't imply fail-safe operation. I still use some boss pedals though (they have good delay-type and filter-type effects). However, these GE-7 units are broken before they leave the factory.

General Comments

I mostly a fusion of all of my influential styles (Old Prog-Rock, Art-Rock, (Hard)Rock, Classical, Jazz, Soul, Psychedelic, Chiptunes.

My current setup is...

Ibanez AR-300 --> Zvex Fuzz Factory -> Fulltone Full-Drive 2 (Red-Orange) -> Boss PW-10 wah -> Radial Hot-British distortion -> Radial Classic distortion -> Boss DD-3 delay -> Moog Moogerfooger MF-103

12-stage Phaser --> Fender '65 twin reverb custom 15 (reissue).


If it were lost or stolen, I would hunt the bastard down and thank him.

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