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Sound Quality

I love a few of the pre-sets, and that makes it worth the $279 I spent over ten years ago for it. I play it mostly out of a Marshall 5212 50 watt split channel reverb and with a Charvel Model IV guitar.


Just broke on me for the first time yesterday after ten years of stomping the shit out of it. That is what led me to find this review site. I am hoping to find some answers to the flashing random numbers 1.02, 555, 19, etc and all numbers inbetween. I hard-set the reset function, lost my patches, but still get random numbners and no sound. I will rate this an 8 because after stepping on something for ten years, it probably should be break.

General Comments

Will probably buy the rp50 if this can't be fixed fast...unfortunately I can't rely on this anymore for gigs...what ever happened to just looping five pedals into a noisy Marshall amp?

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