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DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I am using this pedal to add a little more girth and some more distortion to my amp. I play a Tele Deluxe/Floyd Rose DST through the Bad Monkey then a Dunlop Crybaby and into a Carvin X100B overdriven on the clean channel. This pedal is transparent in the best way! It adds that extra push you want for a tube amp overdrive but doesn't color your tone. To make it even better it's noiseless! Seriously, no noises or hisses or anything, I can just step on it and leave it on. The only reason I had to dock its score was that to clean up my sound when I roll back my guitar's volume, I have to turn the Bad Monkey off. Still, small price to pay and even then my cleans are always 100% tube so I don't really care.


I haven't played a show with it yet, but it seems durable enough. The tone is consistent as is the volume and the thing's built like a f***ing tank!

General Comments

I play a blues-metal-punk fusion style and this works great. It give enough gain to get pinch harmonics like Zakk Wyle, but it isn't super gainy; it gives enough grind to really rip into a punk riff, yet it's also light and smooth enough to play a really soulful blues solo. I've been playing about 6 and a half years now and I've played a lot of Boss pedals up to this point, namely the Mega Distortion and Super Overdrive. The Mega Distortion sucked for what I wanted to do, and the Super Overdrive is pretty good by itself, but once again was horrible at combining with my amp's distortion. If this thing were stolen I would definitely buy it again and that wouldn't be asking much with its pricetag! The tone of this thing makes it seem like such a steal! Sounds more like a $130 pedal than a $30 pedal. It's just perfect for giving a little more dirt without any hissing or fake, SS sounds. Absolutely perfect!

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