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Sir Henry Chambers

Music Man Ball Family Reserve John Petrucci 7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Suits my style wicked as im a huge petrucci fan and learn all his stuff. Sounds cool through Mesa Boogie gear which is what i own. The pickups are just sensational. Custom made at the factory and im sure they are not going to give their secret away as Ernie Ball Music Man nailed it with this one. Full Bright rounded sound - what you want from a seven string. Two humbuckers which are hot. But what stands out are the piezos. when you play chords on this baby in piezo mode through something like a lexicon you'll feel like your being whisked away to a dreamland farway. Top Notch. No dislikes or hang ups.


This can handle live playing as long as you dont throw it in the air or snap the neck in two with a pair of cable cutters. Hardware seems like it was made to last. Not like the gold on the ibanez jem7Vwh. Finish will last a long time. I can use this thing without a backup anyday. Just have a spare battery for the active piezo pickups.


General Comments

If you like Dream Theaters sound get this guitar. If you don't don't get it. Simple as that.


Personally I think its the best guitar i've ever played and it will take a long time for something to beat it.

Reviewer's Background

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