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Sound Quality

I'm plugged to my chain of effects which is as below Guitar>>>Dunlop 535>>Vox Satchurator>>Boss CE2>>BF2>>Boss DD2>>Boss DD3>>Digitech Digidelay(for reverse delay or tap tempo or loop) Here is just the beginning of my problems. i found that despite it being a great effect but overall i really struggle to try to get it to sound different to the CE2. The pedal gives the guitar a huge frequency/volume boost when activated. Sometimes to the point it annoys me as it doesnt fit the mix. Too strong an effect too when kicked in the distortion. can see why its called a flanger but damn i need a more tame unit IMO. On the clean channel its nice and warm but very chorus like in its zone i like but i'm trying to get it to sound different to the chorus on clean too but when done so...damn annoying effect. It def nails 'Message in a bottle' tone but i dont know...Its testing my patience.


i'd giv it a 10 for lasting this long. Wouldnt cry if it breaks

General Comments

I use this for instrumental, funk, blues, rock, metal, u name it this pedal shud fit the mix well but its not finding favor in my ears. The best of my lot is the Satchurator, CE2 and DD2. This bf2 is like over the top kind of flanger. Like overly strong coffee.


A unique pedal but i think i might go for ibanez FL9 next. I need time to nail some good sounds i think.

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