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roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

The Cube is whisper quiet. Even at full volume, you can barely hear any hiss at all. The clean channel acts like a reference amp and reproduces the sounds of my guitars very precisely, and I can color the sounds well with the built-in EQ. The sounds scale well at higher volumes and I think this amp will hold its own in the kind of venues I'll play in.


Too early to say, but if my Cube follows its predecessors, I'm expecting to have this amp. for a very long time. It appears to be solidly built, so time will tell.


General Comments

I looked at a lot of amplifiers before settling on the Roland Cube-80x. I'd set out to buy its predecessor, the Cube 60, but that amp. has been discontinued and the Cube-80x is the replacement model. I don't think I would have considered Roland, but after reading numerous positive reviews and learning that their amps are extremely popular in jazz circles--that coupled with the amazing price point of $399--I couldn't resist. I would love to have a really good tube amp (e.g., and Kingsley or something similar) someday--but I'm very happy with my choice for now.

Reviewer's Background

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