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Sound Quality

Peavey Wolfgang standard into A Keeley modded Boss sd1 overdrive into the GE7. This goes through the front of a Marshall DSL 50 head loaded with Groove tubes, and sits on top of a Marshall AC vintage greenback 4 X 12. My sound is now perfect. No tone loss at all and definitely no noticeable hiss. I usually use the GE7 for soloing but sometimes for metal riffing to. I play hard rock / metal, sabs, halen crue etc. You know! real music. Manual is crap. Go to boss and download the file mentioned above.


Boss, what can you say!

General Comments

Great for all music types. Been playing for twenty years. I think that you need some ability on the guitar to be able to really appreciate the subtle effect this has on your playing. I was a little concerned that this pedal would affect my tone but that fear is misguided. I would love to be able to plug straight into an amp without any pedals at all, unfortunately if you chug alot like me you need some eq. I use the Boss sd1 as a clean boost and this drives the amp into melt down. The GE7 adds the icing on the cake.

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