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Sound Quality

To get the sound that you consider good you MUST ajust it.It has two small holes in the front side under the logo.If you put a small screwdriver in the left hole you can ajust the width of the effect(wide-narrow)while in the right one you ajust the range (bass-treble). If you select a narrow and rather bass adjustment you will be near a classic wah that can be played with a distortion.If you choose a wide and treblier ajustment you'll get a funkier result.But you must make up your mind what is that you want, because this is not a procedure that can follow all the time. I think thow it has its own respectable sound.A very distictive one.No sudden changes.Nothing like the s***** VOX I had 25 years ago(that acted more like a switch than a potensiometer). Anyway if someone needs a Dunlop sound then he better get a cry baby.


It??s made out of 2mm sheet metal(not 1mm like someone said).I think you may be able to even nail something with it.I have it for more than 12 years I think.It has been treated bad enough and it??s stil here.No loose screws no nothing.

General Comments

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