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John White

Jensen C10Q 35W 10"" Replacement Speaker

Sound Quality

When I first started to break them in (I was told 20 hrs) they were very immediate sounding. The notes just ejected off the speakers. It was very difficult to dial in my tones as it seemed the tone was always changing. Not much flavor really, but showed the characteristics of the guitar and amp. Great bass by the way. Then I grew to detest these. At about 18hrs I began to see the light. At 25 hours I understood. At 30 hours I wanted to get rid of them again. Sterile and boring. 40 hours spikey still at high volume. Much better though. At 50 hours I think they are awesome! So sweet. Notes blossom (though faster than my old 12's). Doesn't color your sound (good if you like your sound). Great bass. So round, bold and sweet. I just want to dive into it. At 60 hours they are great but still think they can occasionally (and increasing less) get spikey at very high volume with bends high on the neck (if that's what you're into). I may, however, be confusing this with speaker break up. This is my first set of Alnicos and I'm still getting used to that break up characteristics that most players shoot for. Love the way I can switch pickups and not have to adjust my tone knob all the time. They seem very balanced. This is a very articulate speaker and will not hide your playing. Even under distortion, they remain clear despite lots of feedback and sustain. If you haven't played Alnicos, they do compress at volume. Something which I am still getting used to. Under duress, the sound is squeezed so it never feels like it's barking at me.


They seem really solid. After all they are made in Italy.


General Comments

If You want more headroom go ceramic. I'm still getting used to having more speaker break up but I am learning to use this to my advantage. It so happens that Stephen (Cohen of Firebelly Amps) really knows his stuff. The speakers are voiced perfectly to start breaking up just as the amp starts to which allows my ears to really appreciate the sound of the two combined. Symbiosis at work, heh?


I do, however, play mostly just at clipping and I love this speaker right there.

Great Choice Stephen!

Reviewer's Background

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