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Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

This is a GOOD Metal Pedal. But in comparing with great recordings, it isn't a GREAT Metal Pedal. It's a VERSATILE Metal Pedal. And for that Versatility, "stand out" sound suffers. There is nothing that makes this pedal have it's own "character". No doubt, choice of amp and speakers will be Key to the quality of the Metal Sound you want. But this pedal in NO way is: Classic Rock or Blues. Those who think it is, don't have the necessary ears yet to know the difference. In short, it's a really GOOD variety of Metal distortion sounds, but nothing "boutique", nothing unique.


Boss is famous for reliability. I've had many Boss pedals and NEVER had a problem. I even got one free from someone who did target practice on it (a reverb unit) and it STILL worked, wires hanging out and all (yes, it was old school) About the ONLY gripe I have is their not having a quicker way to change the batter, as over time, the screw that opens the compartment becomes bent with stomping and abuse!

General Comments

I play Classic Rock, Blues, Funk, Rap, and Alternative that occasionally uses Metal.


Honestly, Metal comes from the type of Amp and Speaker. So this pedal is either for more variety on those amps, OR, realistically, trying to turn your BLUES or CLASSIC ROCK amp into a Metal amp. Ain't going to happen convincingly, but you'll get close with this pedal.


If you're seriously a Metal dude, you won't be owning a Fender amp, OK?!?


Fender is THE BEST at "clean", Vox a close second, but sound all it's own. Ampeg has some amazing blues tones too.


But if you own ANY of those, or Peavey, you ain't EVER going to get metal, and thinking a pedal is going to do it for you is only fooling yourself.


In short, this pedal is for Non-Metal dudes who wish they bought a Marshall Stack and had Humbuckers instead of single coils, but don't have the money, or do it enough to invest in the necessary gear.

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