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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Fuggidaboudit [Tone] RIPPING [Sonic evaluation] If you play metal, you want this pup. Let me explain. I have boatloads of guitars, all with various so called "hot" or "metal" or "distortion" pickups. Dimebuckers, Distortions, JB's, Trembucker Distortions, etc etc and yada yada. This pup, (yes, it takes 2 (9V batteries.. deal with it) absolutely KILLS. A lot of you guys might be running a Boss SD-1 or DS-1 in front of your gain channel to add a little more boost. However, those pedals can color sound and a lot of times rob some of your low end. This pickup is like having an overdrive pedal. You CANNOT play this on a clean channel (I fucking hate bridge pup clean sounds anyways.. I'm a #4 mid/neck glassly clean tone guy). If you play metal, and want a real pickup, BUY THIS and uSE IT, and fall in love. This pup, as crazy as this sounds, makes all of the other shit sound like single coils.. swear to god. Best pickup for metal, PERIOD. Will always use this pup, and never look back. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] METAL


General Comments

[Comments] See above. And please, do NOT BUY IBANEZ.



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