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Sound Quality

Sound Quality= FABULOUS! I am a recently retired Music Producer who was listed in the Major Recording/Music Industry throughout the 90's with a Retirement listing in 00'. I have been listed in the following: MIX-(Studio Directory), RECORDING INDUSTRY SOURCEBOOK-(Studio's East, Producers/Engineers, Artist Management, Mastering Facilities, Sound for Film etc. Invitee: Who's Who in Pop Music 96' etc, etc. In short, I have a thoroughly qualified opinion and it's thus. I have personally wowed various Artists/groups, musicians with what the Zoom 9002 can do especially when some of their "effects units/stacks" costs many thousands of dollars and the 9002 new was $450.00. I have used it on many recordings and live.....NEVER a complaint.


I HAVE used the 9002 without backup, can thoroughly depend on it and have continued to list it among my all-time favorite and dependable units.

General Comments

My overall rating for the 9002 is a 10++. I play ALL styles, am a multi-instrumentalist (11 instruments), have been playing (guitar) for

41 years and have bought, borrowed, leased or used most everything out there at one time or another.....& the 9002 NEVER let me down. Don't believe the old addage: "You get what you pay for" as it's Companies like ZOOM, FOSTEX, ALESIS and a host of others breaking new ground with new technologies at AFFORDABLE prices. To be rather blunt:

ANY guitarist who honestly believes that all the guitar Companies making "lightweight" guitars (so you won't hurt your itsy-bitsy poor little shoulder-HELL a good strap is all you need!) made out of SMART woods etc-are in the league of the REAL thing, but allow yourselves to be BRAIN-WASHED due to budget constraints...are still only fooling yourself. Save up for the REAL thing and get a GOOD/padded guitar strap!!

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