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Kris Langley

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

I use a 3 pickup American Stratocaster, and play anywhere from jangly country-tinged music to hard, blasting rock. It switches with ease through varying styles. There is one problem with one of the effects, and apparently this is a common problem with Vox amps from the past ten years. If I turn the compression effect on, the low E tends to have digital rattle in the cabinet. But overall, it sounds perfect. The amp models...DAMN. The 70's UK mimics a Pete Townshend guitar sound perfectly with no effects. The Boutique CL is great for clean playing. And if you are light in the wallet when you get the amp, you have your effects built in. Make sure you check out the instruction manual to learn how to really utilize them. From what I understand, once you get the foot switch you can pretty much write off having to buy any effects pedals (but it does sound good through a distortion box, like the Classic Metal--yipes--or a tube delay). The comp effect has a little more oomph than the speaker tends to be able to handle, but it is very useful for recording. It also has helped me as a newbie at guitar playing (been playing for about 9 mos.) to learn about how to control electronic effects and amp sounds.


I could have Ivan Drago from Rocky IV take a few whacks at it, and it probably would kick his Russian ass.

General Comments

I love it. I would buy four more of them at least. I love just about everything about it, including the price (CHEAP!). It reminded me of a more versatile Music Man 112 with the tube preamp.


Go buy one if you are new at guitar and are wanting to learn about amplifiers. It's a great deal for a true sound.

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