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Sound Quality

First a few things: 1. If you have a particular tone you are searching for, you may not like this amp 2. If you do not like expermenting and tweaking your sound you may not like this amp 3. If you want something simple, just plug and play, you may not like this amp. 4. This is not a tube amp, again, this is NOT a tube amp. So it is silly for criticizing this amp because it is not tube. This amp sounds great, clean and distortion. I enjoy the amount of adjusting and tweaking one can do with this amp. There are numerous options so you will have fun tweaking and expermenting with your sounds. The cleans sounded good, distortion sounded good. This amp is excellent for people who like to try different musical styles because of the dozens of good quality sounds you can get from it. This is a fun amp to have for a muscian because of its versatility. Beware of people criticizing the amp about its sound, sound is subjective. Spend some time with this amp and you will get some great sounds, it is a fun amp to have because of all the options. Word of advice: if you buy one reset the amp to factory defaults, also make sure your data wheel and amp type correspond correctly. If you just turn the data wheel and not selecting correct amp type can get some hiss on the dyna touch and modern amp types(see-part of the experimenting-make sure you keep owners manual. Most people will not know the difference between a Deluxe Reverb and or a Princeton sound, so who knows if they sound "true". People modify the heck out of their amps anyway so people that own them probably dont have a "true" Princeton, Deluxe Reverb, etc, anyway. I like the different amp selections you can choose from on this amp. If you buy one, devote TIME to this amp and learn what it can do.


This amp looks like a typical Fender amp, black and silver. It is not heavy and seems to be built solid. With care it should last a long time. I bought mine used, and since Fender does build solid amps I wasnt worried about quality. On a sidenote I wouldnt use it as a chair, a coaster for your drink or ashtray holder. All three over time could affect the appearance of your amp. This amp would be a good practice amp or good at a gig,


General Comments

I play a Gretsch 5122 as my main guitar and I built my own strat style guitar with Lace Hot Golds.

I like the amps size and weight, easy to read controls, and its versatility. Plus this amp can get loud, but also sounds good on low volume too

I choose this amp for its versatility, you can do alot with this amp and you can get some really sweet sounds off her.

Play blues, jazz, and classic rock.

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